About Us

About Us

Lumulu is an online personalized image and style consultancy who are passionate about helping people feel good about themselves.

Most of us, at some point in time, are unhappy with some part of our body.  We might have ‘flabby’ arms, big thighs, big breasts, little breasts, thick around the torso, long nose, and so on.  No matter what we consider our body flaws to be, we always have more body assets than flaws.  The secret to always looking and feeling great is to recognize our assets and make the most of them and to understand how to camouflage the things we don’t like about ourselves.

Fashion, according to Coco Chanel, is architecture, it’s all a matter of proportion and balance.  Our role is to help you understand your own body architecture in such a way that you can always look great.

At www.lumulu.com.au we offer three products online:-

Colours bring you to life
Dress to suit your body shape
Bring out your style personality

Once you have received one of our products, our service continues with the help of technology, so that you can basically have your very own stylist no matter where you are in the world.

Our team at Lumulu are well qualified to help you be the beautiful individual you are meant to be.  Lumulu’s stylists experience is vast, ranging from some of the top international fashion brands including Chanel, and Salvatore Ferragarmo; skin care and cosmetic brands Estee Lauder, Clinique and Boujoir – to coming from a family of expert fashion designers and makers with the skills being passed down from generation to generation.

Let your style shine through with Lumulu.