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We constantly have women asking us ‘what shape am I?’  Rarely can we categorize them into a box and say that’s it, you are one of those, done and dusted. It’s just not that simple.  Do I have a pear shape body  What shape am I?  are the questions we hear most often.

You can run a Google search and come up with a multitude of sites talking about body shapes and some very easy ways to calculate your shape.  They will give you some idea but you will probably still be confused and feel you don’t really fit into any of them.  Has this happened to you?

Some people try and categorize shapes into names of fruit, e.g. Pear, Apple, and Banana etc.  Others use geometric shapes e.g. triangles, rectangles, squares, etc.  Others use letters e.g. A shape, V shape, H shape, etc.  Trinny and Susannah well known authors from a UK television show and authors of several books including ‘The Body Shape Bible,’ came up with 12 different shapes and used a mixture of instruments, objects and lollies to describe shapes.  All of these are useful as a guide, but that’s all they can be ‘a guide.’ From all our experience it is extremely rare that we can put anyone person into a particular category.

Most usually described shapes: –

Usual shapes

Everyone varies in height and width and all other characteristics that make up the human body shape.  How we dress that shape with balance and proportion makes all the difference to how we look.  When things are not in proportion your body flaws will be reinforced whereas good balance will disguise out of proportion body parts.

We do not try to put people into specific boxes; we work with each element of the body to determine the most flattering fashion style.

  1. Horizontal shape
  2. Vertical shape
  3. Body proportions
  4. Face shape

For example, the lovely Emily is a young fun loving adult and is prepared to be adventurous and take some risks in her fashion style.  She has a curvy figure and is slightly pear shaped with a few hourglass characteristics as well.


For Emily to balance out her proportions she needs to subtly widen her shoulder area, but at the same time keep it balanced with her well-endowed bust line.  This complicates the balancing act when necklines for a larger bust line will also make her shoulders look narrower.

The next thing to take into consideration is the shape of her face and the length of her neck.  Her neck is long and slim and her face is oblong.  This will then contradict the necklines suitable for her bust-line.  So, in broadening her shoulders, but enhancing her bust, her hairstyle and accessories are going to be very important.

Emily is adventurous, a risk taker and artistic with her fashion style.  However, she has reached a stage in her life where she also wants to look elegant, tasteful and stylish.

Her inspiration comes from eras gone by e.g.

  • The 1950’s fashions associated with the rockabilly music genre of this era.
  • Punk and rock fashion combined with an Emo style
  • Victorians and Elizabethans for a Goth look

Emily rockabilly

Emily turquoise

Emily stripes

As a curvy, young woman she wants and needs to tastefully exploit her physical assets for an overall elegant sexiness.   She has infinite possibilities to make a quantum leap in her life at this time and to experience a joy and freedom beyond her wildest dreams.

Emily glam goth

Wondering what body shape you are?  Do I have a Pear Shape Body What Shape am I?  Remember, you are probably like most women and you do not fit exactly into one category.  You are most likely to be a combination of shapes.  All areas need to be taken into consideration:-  horizontal and vertical shape, body proportions and face shape.  Add to that colours that really bring you to life and finally your personal style – portraying the real you – your personality – your identity.

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  1. She is a beautiful girl. I checked out the gallery on website. The makeover is fabulous. I wish you could do that with me.

  2. I think I have a pear shaped body, but your article is very interesting as I had never thought of the vertical shape and the importance of proportions. Very interesting and helpful article. Thank you.

  3. She looks beautiful. Love the style you have given her. Maribelo.

  4. There’s so much to digest in this article. It would be good if you could break it down and simplify it.
    Thank you.

  5. She looks amazing. The outfits you have put her in are a total disguise for her body shape. I think I have a similar body shape so I will study this carefully.

  6. I really like your approach. I hate being categorised when I know I’m a combination, but I’m not sure which combination. This makes so much sense.
    Love your articles.

  7. She’s a very striking and attractive girl. The outfits make her figure look amazing.

  8. I love bustiers but have not been successful in finding any suitable for me. I they a fashion item at the moment? I think my shape is a full hour glass. Would a bustier suit me?

    • You follow fashion trends then bustier’s come and go and were popular about 4 years ago. We believe however, that if something suits you, you look good and feel great, then you must wear it.
      As a full hour glass then a bustier should suit you. It would be best for you to have a lace up type and be prepared to wear it very tight.
      We found this article and some examples on ebay, and felt it could be helpful for you.
      Copy and paste the address into your browser and have fun.
      Best wishes

  9. Love the colours she is wearing. You really do, do a good job. Enjoy your articles keep them coming.

  10. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

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