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The five top reasons why.

We’re big fans of this trend.  Layering clothing for women is a trend  that will stay and here are some of the reasons:-

  1. It adds a whole new dimension to your outfit that might otherwise be dull and boring.
  2. You can knock yourself out and go layer crazy to express yourself
  3. Make full use of your creativity and always have a different look
  4. It’s a fantastic way to maximize your closet’s (wardrobe’s) full potential.
  5. When you get the basics right you will always have something to wear.


Earlier this month we went to a ‘Vigorella Layering Night” sponsored by Ripe Homewares, Fashion and Gifts.  Vigorella is an Australian brand with their layering products designed and made in Australia.  Ripe Homewares, Fashion and Gifts (not to be confused with “Ripe” the maternity brand) is a small boutique based in Mudgee, a small town in the Central West of NSW in Australia.  Anyone who visits Ripe Homewares, Fashion and Gifts would agree that they would be hard pressed to find such a sophisticated, beautifully appointed, and ambient boutique anywhere else in the world.  One of the brands they carry is Vigorella.

(Note: some photo images are low quality)

Shelley from Vigorella with a local model demonstrating some of the latest looks.

Shelley from Vigorella with a local model demonstrating some of the latest looks.


















Group shot Ripe Mudgee



At the “Vigorella Layering Night” we observed just how easy it is to get layering right when you purchase from a designer that specializes in clothes for this purpose.  It’s a good way to start the process, as let’s face it, for many people, putting different pieces together to get a fabulous look is really not that easy.

Ripes young model

Here are a few really important tips to help: –

  1. Know your body shape and what looks best on you.  Don’t let things get too boxy.  Make it simple to start with and experiment as you gain more confidence.
  2. Keep everything in proportion for your height and shape.  Have an understanding of how to look slimmer or taller, more or less curvaceous, and how to highlight your best body assets.
  3. Wear colours that make you look great.
  4. If you like to keep it smart and low-key aim for monochromatic look, otherwise colour harmonizing and contrasts will give a more dramatic and engaging look.
  5. The thinnest, closest fitting garments should be worn closest to your body.  To layer you need to have a minimum of three items.  A base item e.g. dress, body slip, skirt or tights; and two tops, one short and one longer.
  6. The trick is to add layers without the bulk.  If you feel it’s looking too chunky then add a belt to define your waist and wear tights or a slim leg pant to balance the outfit  (depending on your body shape).
  7. Mix fabrics for textures and prints.  This will make your look more original, you will collect a greater variety for your wardrobe and you will find you will put together some unexpected combinations.
  8. Accessories are essential to perfecting the layered look.  Scarves and jewelry are going to make a real difference.  They will also be interchangeable to give you different looks.  It’s not just about layering the body.  Layer the top half with scarves and jewelry.
  9. Give careful consideration to your footwear to complete the outfit – boots, ankle, mid calf or knee high; shoes, high, low or flat; wedges or sandals.  For a bolder look think about wearing socks over tights, particularly for the cold seasons.   Remember, its not just about layering the body and the top half, layer the legs as well.
  10. Have a good understanding of your personal style.  Are you a bohemian, classic casual, dramatic eccentric, hobo, sporty, sexy, tomboy, or preppy?  Whatever your personal style is you can achieve this style by the choice of shapes, patterns, textures and how you layer.


Layering clothing for women is a trend that will stay and the images that follow will give you some great inspiration for layering and also perhaps some fashion brands you haven’t yet been exposed to.  This list is only a few of the brands that specialize in layering in the world, but our favorites are amongst these.

We hope you enjoy:-

Vigorella  – available online and through selective retailer’s Australia wide.  They specialise in layering clothing for women.



Mesop -  available online and through selective retailer’s across Australia.  They specialise in layering clothing for women.    – simplicity as a pure state of beauty.


Metalicus – available online and through selective retailers across Australia specialising in layering clothing for women.

metalicus   Exclusive collection for Metalicus


Neemah Designs – available online and through selective retailers.

Neemah Design   ladies fashion clothing from Neemah Designs, Gold Coast, Australia


Free People – American based company – available online and through their own and various outlets in the USA

Free People   Women’s Boho Clothing and Bohemian Fashion


Idaretobe – many different designers available on “idaretobe” website.

idaretobe  Individual clothing for the discerning woman who darestobe individual.

The tips and examples we’ve given in this article, layering clothing for women is a trend that will stay,  are relatively simple and straight forward.  For more inspiration visit our pinterest board on layering.  If you are a retailer and interested in us conducting workshops for more advanced layering techniques please contact us through our Lumulu website,

All brand names and retailers mentioned in this article are not paid for advertisements.  The brands and items have been selected by the Lumulu team given their own experiences with these brands for their design and quality.





  1. Some great ideas in this blog. Thank you.

  2. I’ve always struggled with layering and your advice here is very helpful. Thank you also for providing some brands to go directly to.
    Julie K

  3. Very inspirational. I’ve printed this off and pinned inside my wardrobe door to give me ideas when I’m dressing. Thank you.

  4. Love your blogs. You always provide useful information. Lots of substance.
    Thank you.

    • Thank you to everyone for reading our blogs, enjoying and commenting on them. We really appreciate your comments.

  5. I’m a large size and have always struggled to layer clothes as I feel the way I do it just makes me look larger. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Doris,

      There are a couple of points – one, make sure your clothes fit really well, not too small and not too large. If they are too big for you they are just going to make you look bigger.
      Use lighter weight fabrics so that your layering doesn’t get too bulk.
      We suggest you take a closer look at Neemah designs and also Idaretobe shown in our blog. They do cater for larger sizes and have some fabulous layering pieces.

      If you would like us to assist you further please contact us through If you could send us a photograph of yourself I’m sure we could help you further.

      Best wishes

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