5 ways to wear the new body jewelry trend.

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5 ways to wear the new body jewelry trend.

Here are 5 ways to wear the new body jewelry trend.  Have you noticed an increasing use of non-piercing body jewellery  on runways and emerging in retail outlets?   

Whilst its popularity is increasing it’s not that it hasn’t been around before, but its origins are chained deep in history.  Some dating back to the 5th century AD representing both Hellenistic and Roman art but actual examples are extremely rare.  This form of body ornamentation had chains that passed over the shoulders and under the arms of the wearer at the time Britain was passing out of Roman control.


This isn’t body jewelry where you need to have your body pierced.  It introduces a whole new dimension of versatility into your wardrobe.


The trend we are particularly noticing is a soft mixture of gladiator armory, slave chains, breastplates of the Native Americans and some of the exquisite jewelry from India.   It can form part of a necklace and/or a belt, with others being worn as arm and leg cascades, necklaces falling down the back (instead of the front), shoulder and chest pieces.

Found on www.etsy.com

Found on www.etsy.com




From the examples shown in this blog here’s 5 ways to wear the new body jewelry trend. : –


1.      If you own a sheer top  wear it just over your bra and one of these pieces will give you just the coverage you need. 

2.     Take it casual with your jeans and t-shirts.  Make sure it is not sitting too tightly as it shouldn’t pull or pucker the fabric and it should move easily with your body.

3.     Try wearing it around your waist as a belt or wear as a skirt over another skirt, over pants or even your jeans.

4.     Wear over your little black dress for a grand evening statement.  Wear it over just about anything for instant glamour and add additional necklaces, ear rings and or bracelets.   

5.     Wear it under the new midriff top so it is exposed around your waist area. 



body jewelry fashion trends















If your skin colouring is warm then gold will be the best colour for you.  If your skin colour is cool then go for silver.  There is a lot of difference between the two colours when it comes to complimenting your personal skin colouring.

How many other ways can you find to wear the new body jewellery trend?

What fashion styles will it look best worn with:

5 ways to wear the new body jewelry trend.  : – incorporate it into your styles for: -

1.     Classic – dressy or casual;

2.     Cutting Edge Cool;

3.     Military;

4.     Boho;

5.     Gladiator.

and most Dramatic styles.

Found in www.topshop.com

Found in www.topshop.com


This is one of the trendiest trends to express your personal style and fashion.  It’s the “IN” thing regardless of gender, age, culture, religion and fashion.

body jewelry pearl body


We love so many of them and will definitely be adding one of these great pieces to our wardrobe and finding 5 ways to wear the new body jewelry trend.

Just a few places to find this type of jewellery:-







  1. Wonderful blog on how to update your wardrobe without breaking the budget. Love the ideas put forth – I would expect nothing less from Lumulu style!

  2. Loving these new accessories. You bring really interesting items to our attention. Thank you.

  3. Inspirational. Great ideas to get a different look.

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