How to dress a long slim body and look like a super model

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How to dress a long slim body and look like a super model

Do you know how beautiful you are?  How to dress a long slim body and look like a super model.  Janelle is tall, (over 6 feet or 184cm) slim, blonde and beautiful.  However, when she came to us she didn’t recognize just how beautiful she really is.


She found it difficult to find clothes to fit her height and her straight, small, framed body shape, size 6.  


The thought of ever looking like a supermodel had never entered her mind.  It’s hard to believe she is a mother with children in their late teens.  Her height, body shape, and hair are the envy of many and as model talent she is the ‘ideal coat hanger’ i.e. the most sought after type by all model talent agencies.


How to dress a long slim body and look like a super model?  Here’s just a couple of ways we achieved it with Janelle.


Why this outfit works so well for Janelle: -Janelle PT_03_8132bsp


  1. The texture and colour of the accessories create an interruption to her overall look.
  2. Create volume up top.  Normally we would not suggest you wear long skinny scarves, however, this is a wider softer scarf and with the multiple strands of jewelry it creates volume on your top half.
  3. Create volume around the hips.  The cardigan with its slouchy pockets around your hip level creates the illusion of hips and the asymmetrical hem of the jacket provides an interesting layer to your bottom half.
  4. Use prints, patterns or stripes. Tight fitting clothes on your bottom half would normally exaggerate your slenderness, however because of the wide softly coloured horizontal stripes it gives you a wider appearance.  i.e. colour is placed at different points on your body to break up the line.
  5. Believe in yourself.  There are not many people that could pull this look off as elegantly and beautifully as Janelle.


This is just one of the looks we achieved for Janelle.  To see more have a look at her makeover on our website


If you would like to see more of Janelle on our blog, please ask and we’ll give you some further tips on how to dress a long slim body and look like a super model.



  1. She looks gorgeous.

  2. Oh to be so lucky. I envy her. She’s beautiful.

  3. Oh to be so tall! I am so glad that Lumulu set her straight!

  4. Yes please I would like to see more of Janelle on your blog. I’ve looked at her make over on Lumulu’s gallery, but please elaborate more.

  5. Oh my, her hair – love it, love it, love it.

  6. Fabulous – she is truly lovely.

  7. She’s so lovely. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her on your blogs.

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