How to dress and act ladylike and be admired and complimented everyday

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How to dress and act ladylike and be admired and complimented everyday

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is an ideal role model of ladylike style and behavior


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine have just completed a spectacularly successful tour of Australia and there has been a media frenzy to capture the Duchess’ fashion style in every possible setting.  She and William have certainly not disappointed.


We often read in the media that whatever she wears, if it’s ‘off the rack,’ will sell out within hours of her wearing it.  This is testament to the fact that her style is greatly and widely admired.


She always looks beautiful and is considered as one of the most famous women in the world and has become one of our greatest style icons.  Yes, she is genetically blessed with her height, bone structure and body shape, however, her ladylike style befitting of her position is what really cements her beauty.

Do you aspire to a ladylike look?  Many of our clients do.  However, it’s not only about the clothes and accessories you wear. It’s also your behavior and attitude that are essential in achieving the look.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visiting Adelaide in Australia. Image from  Hello Magazine

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visiting Adelaide in Australia.
Image from Hello Magazine


How to dress and act ladylike and be admired and complimented everyday

Ladylike behavior is always humble with a strong sense of gratitude.

3 important factors to demonstrate in your behavior and attitude: -

1)   Good manners – are demonstrated by:-

  1. being respectful, caring and considerate of others.
  2. they also include knowing and understanding dining etiquette, phone etiquette and basic social etiquette.
  3. good manners means you have better relationships with people you know and those you meet.

2)   Being Gracious – do not mistake being gracious for good manners.  Manners are rules.  Graciousness reflects your state of being where you:-

  1. are attentive to others, you listen, you respond without interruption
  2.  always have the time for others.
  3. never indulge in matters about yourself; it’s always about the people around you.
  4. are always enthusiastic, grateful, and smiling.

3)   Charming – is a personality characteristic.  Everyone is born with different levels of charm but it is a characteristic that can be learned and honed over time through mindfulness and practice.  Some key points to be charming: –

  1. Be genuinely interested in people
  2. Remember people’s names
  3. Be kind and respectful and make other people feel important
  4. Find the areas of interest of the other person/people and structure your conversations around these interests
  5. Be aware of your body language, eye contact, tone of voice and the words you use.
  6. Give compliments and praise without being condescending – always make the other person feel good about themselves.


Ladylike fashion style is defined as elegant, classic and ‘proper.’  (Proper does not mean boring).


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Australia. Image from

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge during their visit to Australia.
Image from


Three essential requirements to achieve a ladylike fashion style: -

1)   Clothing and accessories all must be in perfect proportions to suit your body shape.  Any clothes that make an obvious bid for showing off would be considered indiscriminate or exhibitionist.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visiting Brisbane in Australia. Image from Hello Magazine

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, visiting Brisbane in Australia.
Image from Hello Magazine

  1. Skirt lengths should be knee length, just below the knee or just above the knee.
  2. Skirts can be flared, A-line or pencil shapes – whichever best suits your body shape.
  3. Dresses or tops should always have a sleeve (evening wear is an exception)
  4. Necklines will never be too revealing.
  5. Your waistline should always be apparent (unless wearing an overcoat)

2)   Classic and tailored – everything must fit perfectly … perfectly. 

  1. Outfits must look feminine, and expertly tailored.
  2. Your wardrobe would comprise an array of beautiful classics epitomizing a level of elegance and sophistication.
  3. This is not a trend. It’s an institution.

3)   Personal grooming – pay attention to all the details.

  1. Keep your hair shining
  2. Your eyebrows frame your face so make sure they are always in shape
  3. Take good care of your skin – face and body
  4. Make sure your nails are not chipped or broken (fingers and toes)
  5. Keep your lips moisturised
  6. Exfoliate your face and body regularly to get rid of dead skin cells
  7. Use good quality deodorants
  8. Always wear a touch of fabulous perfume – it must be very pleasant to others and never overwhelming.


For thousands of those in Australia, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit will be remembered for a long time.  It’s a good thing to see people who represent us being kind and happy to everyone around them, being natural and understated, talking and listening to people from all backgrounds and all shades of allegiance and making people feel happy and comfortable.  The secret is, you can also do this in your own social circles and when you meet new and different people.


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George wave goodbye to Australia. Image

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George wave goodbye to Australia.

How to dress and act ladylike and be admired and complimented everyday is within everyone’s grasp.  You don’t have to be wealthy and you don’t have to be famous.  Your behavior, attitude and how you present yourself are the only necessary ingredients.


If you have any further tips for ladylike style we will welcome your comments.


Images for this blog have been selected from duchess of cambridge prince william and prince george- dress tour outfits



  1. I would love people to describe me as ladylike. I have a big frame and carry a fair bit of weight. How could I get a ladylike look?

    • Hello Roxanne,

      Without a photograph it is a little difficult to make suggestions for you. Sometimes people confuse body frame with body weight. There is a system some people use to help determine body frame size despite weight ….

      Wrap your right hand around your left wrist or vise versa. If the tip of your thumb and finger overlap, you have a small body frame.

      If the tip of your thumb and finger meet then you have a medium body frame.

      If there’s a gap between the tip of your thumb and finger you have a large body frame. Keep in mind — this info is regardless of whether you are obese or slender. Large body-weight looks more acceptable on a large frame. This has been a quick and casual body check.

      Regardless of the size of your body frame you can still obtain a ‘ladylike’ look if you are feminine and have a gentle look about you. Follow the simple instructions we have outlined in our blog, remembering there is more to being ladylike than the look. If you would like us to assist you further with this please do not hesitate to contact us through our website.
      Thank you for your comment and enquiry.
      Best wishes with looking and acting ladylike.

  2. I agree you cannot have a ladylike look without the behavior and manners to accompany it. I feel my daughter is really lacking in these behaviours. Do you run a school that teaches manners and etiquitte?

    • Hello Emily,
      Thank you for your comment and for reading our blog. As much as we would love to have and style and etiquette school, unfortunately we don’t.

      However there are quite a few around the world. Not knowing which part of the world you come from, we’ve listed some from different countries.

      The Suzan Johnston Training Organization in Melbourne Australia

      Final Touch Finishing School, Inc. – London – London and Sydney.

      Villa Pierrefeu in Switzerland

      We hope these help and we’re sure you will find many others.

      Your daughter would find great benefit I’m sure from attending such a school, as would hundreds perhaps thousands of other young men and women in the world.

      Best wishes

  3. She is beautiful. But she has the time and the help and the wealth to look like this. How can just an ordinary person possibly hope to achieve such a beautiful look?

    • We have never believed you need wealth to look beautiful. Your clothes do not have to be expensive. It’s all about the way you wear them, look after them and present yourself. Read back over our blog, take a look in your wardrobe. Do you have the type of clothes in your wardrobe that fit the ‘ladylike’ dress requirements. If not, then keep this in mind when you are shopping, and you will often find great pieces in thrift shops.
      In looking back over our blog take particular note of the behaviours, attitude and personality characteristics required. If you feel you do possess these then you are well on the way to being ladylike. If not, then you have some work to do. Visit your local library and start reading, or start googling, and start practising.
      If we can be of further assistance please contact us through We also offer a coaching service which you would find very helpful.
      Thank you for reading and being interested in our blog.
      Best wishes

  4. As always a great article with very helpful information.

    • Thank you Linda we are pleased you enjoy our blogs

  5. Great suggestions to achieve this look. Thank you. I will try harder.

    • Thank you Barbara. All the best on your ladylike efforts.

  6. Love the ladylike style. You have given some very good information on how to achieve this look. Thank you.

  7. After reading this I realise I need a tailor to get a better fit with my clothes and help with getting the right proportions. Kate is a great role model to follow.
    Thank you for your article on how to achieve a ladylike look.

    • Hi Ari,
      It’s an excellent idea. We should all have a tailor to make alterations or even to tailor make our clothes.
      Thank you for your comment. Jae

  8. A lady is not made rather she is endowed with an innate sense of self who is by her very nature kind, selfless and genuinely puts others before self. She knows who she is, and by living in truth she exudes grace, poise and elegance. Think of past iconic women Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly both women of distinction whose graciousness lives on. The lovely Duchess of Cambridge has learned how to be a “lady” in public, and has won many hearts for her simple sartorial style and still I cannot help but feel she is not yet real.

    • Thank you Myriam for your comments. Your comments are so true.
      Yes, I think it takes time for one to really know oneself and sometimes for genuineness to come from the heart.

  9. Lovely article. Their Australian visit was wonderful, as a couple they presented beautifully.
    I hope many people read your blog and take note of it.

    • Thank you, I am pleased you have enjoyed my blogs. I’ve been away from blogging for awhile but hope to start up again soon. Thankyou for the encouragement.

  10. Say, you got a nice forum post.Thanks Again. Keep writing.

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